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Is an Air Compressor company for industrial with GreComP® trademark, our company is established since 5 years ago and now is going to expansion. With our knowledges and experiences for several years and also our cooperation with one of company in Germany, GreComP® has been able to develop compressor with reliable performance, easy maintenance, efficient and low in noise. With our reliable staffs, our vision is becoming the biggest three in compressor manufacturing in Indonesia in 2010 and also becoming Air Compressor Company that can complete internationally in 2013. And our mission is to support industry sector in Indonesia with supplying highest quality compressor with competitive price in facing global competition. We are also aware about customer satisfaction, then GreComP® has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certificate where we have implemented. Quality Management System in manufacturing international quality compressor products. Besides that, we are also aware in service, GreComP® always guarantees after sales service. All are proved by our customers’ trust in every industry sectors (Automotive, Oil, and Gases, Plastics, Steel, Vulcanizing of Steel, Food & Beverage, Textile) which are using GreComP®’s products.